Sunday 6 September 2015

New Fridge for Yok

Today was Yok's Birthday!!! She turned 10! 
We went to Jesters fair with Yok, her Mother and her Grandmother. We had lots of fun playing at the different stalls and winning prizes!! 
After, we went to buy Yok's Grandmother a big fridge for her new restaurant so that she can put drinks in there to sell.
Yok with her Grandmother. 
This was their old restaurant...
  And this is their new restaurant!

Saturday 2 May 2015

Donations given.

We have given the money B122,970 to the deaf school as well as the 10 refurbished computers!!!!!
Another B30,000 will be given to Yok's family to improve their restaurant and increase their income potential.

All the children were excited to know what was happening!
The 10 computers donated by Auto Alliance Thailand!

It felt really good to give the money and I know it will be of great benefit to all the children. 

Monday 27 April 2015

Temple 2 Temple 2.0 The Movie

Today I presented certificates to everyone who completed and supported the challenge in assembly and showed a short version movie of the adventure.
Here is the 7 minute version. Enjoy!

Saturday 25 April 2015

Visit Yok

Today we went to visit Yok, this is her grandparents' restaurant next to her house?
Yok was pleased to see us.
We met her brother today for the first time and watched them play.
The whole family live here. Yok's grandparents, her aunty, her mum and Yok with her brother.
This is their basic kitchen.
 And that's their broken roof.
We are planning on giving some of the money to Yok to help her grandparents upgrade her the restaurant so they can earn more money to be able to pay for Yok and her brother to go to school.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Fantastic support!

Thank you so much to Mr Dean Barrick. He thought my challenge was amazing so he told all his friends and they gave B27,000! That's over £500. Thanks Mr Dean for sharing my blog.

Saturday 11 April 2015

T2T2.0 Day 8 Leaving Laos

We set off from our hotel and made it to the border in just under an hour.

We had a bit of rain before we got to the bridge so it was cooler and easier.
A train which carried about 5 people went by whilst we were waiting to go over the bridge.

After we went over the bridge, we had to 
cross over the rails. The rails were slippery and three of us fell off our bikes. It was a bit of a shame after riding 677km to fall off on the last 1km!
So the challenge is complete!

Friday 10 April 2015

T2T2.0 Day 7 Challenge Complete

Finished T2T 2.0 today!
A day early!!
Reached 600km but ended up doing more, like we did for the last T2T Challenge.
Last juice stop in Thailand, we saw a big pelethon going the opposite direction which was cool.
Cliff had no re-entry permit. So he was happy to leave us at the border.
Quick selfie with the minibus that went to Laos.
Some Geocaching on the Thailand and Laos friendship bridge!
Finally in Laos but on the opposite side of the road which is a bit confusing.
Crazy Vientiane traffic!

The Victory Gate just in sight.
The Golden Stupa, THE FINISH!!!
647km, the final distance!!!
It's over!!!!!